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A Message From Our President


This is our first annual report since Hurricane Katrina, a hurricane which dealt our City a terrible blow. The City of New Orleans is now faced with participating in its own metamorphosis – not by choice but by happenstance – a catastrophic happenstance. We all must now look at rebuilding our City in creative and daring ways. We, the members of the Industrial Development Board of the City of New Orleans, Louisiana Inc. are committed to this challenge and opportunity. We know that we must not only look at rebuilding New Orleans, bringing our citizens back to homes and jobs but we must also look at creating economic development that contributes to the City’s future growth with courage and conviction. Today, this is the mission of the Industrial Development Board. As New Orleanians, we are on the threshold of putting New Orleans back on the map bigger and better than before.

The material that follows constitutes the work, efforts and contributions to our City by the members of the Industrial Development Board. We welcome you to take a look at the IDB 2006-2007 Annual Report. As a nonprofit public corporation, instrumental in promoting the City’s economic development, its current and future growth, we, the IDB, stand ready to step up to the plate, ready to make decisions that are difficult but which will impact the economic growth of the City for years to come. The members of the IDB Board work voluntarily and steadfastly in ensuring that the citizens of New Orleans reap the benefits of all projects the IDB supports and approves.

Since its inception, the IDB has approved projects that have created thousands of jobs and which have increased our City’s sales tax, earnings tax and property tax bases. This report will show such accomplishments. From housing (mixed, affordable and low-income inclusive); to hotels, to revitalizing neighborhoods whose devastation wreaks the need of repair and rehabilitation. The IDB stands ready to do its part in ensuring that the future tax base and the benefits to the City, as it relates to projects that come before this Board, will be delivered to the citizens of this City now and in the future. This report will show projects that have been approved by and are currently pending before the Board for consideration. Proudly, we have approved housing, retail, supermarket, and hotel projects since Hurricane Katrina.

On behalf of the IDB, we thank you for taking the time to learn more about us, our mission, our role and our function in promoting the economic development of the City of New Orleans.











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Sharon Martin - Administrator
Industrial Development Board of the City of New Orleans
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Telephone: 504 658-4242 · FAX: 504 617-6514
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